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Whoa, You Can Now Send Yourself a Text Message Up to 25 Years in the Future

You're just about to close your eyes and drift into dreamland when..."SH!%!" You see a Facebook wall post reminding you it's your sister-in-law's birthday. Oops, you definitely forgot to text her all day. But, instead of beating yourself up and setting yet another reminder (you have a million of those already), what if you could write out a text whenever you remember, attach a cute pic of you two and schedule it for her big day one, two or even ten years from now?

Incubate lets you do just that. Dubbing themselves "the digital time capsule," the app lets you do everything from send a birthday text to a friend to set up a video of your newborn saying his first words for him to receive on his 18th birthday. 

Another idea? Schedule every wedding photo to flood your S.O.'s phone on your next anniversary. Nailed it.

And that, ladies and gents, is the perfect #incubomb.

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