Ina Garten Just Gave Us Endless Spring Gardening Inspiration with This Easy Landscaping Tip

She knows her way around a roast chicken like no other, has impeccable taste in chambray shirts and we heard from Jeffrey that she makes a mean brisket—but who knew Ina Garten had a green thumb, too?

The contessa just posted a picture of her gorgeous East Hampton garden on Instagram, and thoughtfully shared a takeaway tip for us plebeians.

Here’s how Ina chooses and plants her flowers: “I think flowers have the most impact when you plant a few different kinds in big drifts. It creates a block of color that’s beautiful even from a distance. White tulips & blue Muscari are my favorite combination in the spring—I’m enjoying them while they last!!”

We knew Ina had an affinity for Muscari—aka grape hyacinth—because we’ve seen every episode of her show (twice). And she’s already proven her bouquet-arranging chops. Remember her “rule of odd numbers”? Ina always arranges many colors of the same flower (instead of different blooms), and she sticks to three or five of each. Genius. So we shouldn’t be surprised that she has an eye for landscaping as well. We love the combination of the purplish blue and white buds with all that greenery. (And we think her florist friend Michael would be proud.)

Ina Garten? More like Ina Garden. Lolz.