Ina Garten Just Blessed Us All with Her Easy, Elegant Easter Menu

ICYMI, April 1 is Easter, and Ina Garten is planning an effortless feast (because of course she is). In fact, she already knows what’s on the menu. Take notes.

This year, our kitchen muse is going the traditional route with a baked Virginia ham that she calls her “easiest Easter dinner ever.” Her tip? Start with an already-cooked smoked ham and all you’ll have to do is glaze it.

Oh, you thought that was it? The Barefoot Contessa knows that side dishes are the best part. Enter her Parmesan fennel gratin and a simple (but delicious) peas and pancetta. And for dessert, there’s carrot cake topped with mascarpone frosting and crystallized ginger.

We find it a little suspicious that our invite got lost in the mail yet again. But Ina, we’ll see you and Jeffrey at six? Can’t wait.