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Love The Handmaids Tale? Well, Free Hulu Streaming Is Coming to All Delta Flights
Nina Hilitukha/Getty Images

Blessed be the fruit flight.

We don't normally look forward to long plane trips (we wouldn't wish the tiny chairs, squished legroom and microwaved meals on our worst enemies...), but we now have reason to at least get a little excited about our next Delta flight.

Delta just announced a partnership with Hulu, according to the company site. The partnership will allow all Delta customers in all cabins (yes, even us, in "basic main super-scant economy") to watch Hulu original programming on the in-flight entertainment screens. That means you can catch up on all the goings on of Gilead via The Handmaid's Tale, finally start The Mindy Project or majorly creep yourself out while watching The Act—plus a myriad of other Hulu original shows and movies.

On a flight with no seat-back TVs? Not to worry. You can also stream Hulu on your personal devices while 30,000 feet up in the air via the completely free Delta Studio offerings.

The announcement comes as Delta installed their 700th aircraft with seat-back screens, and maintains its reputation of one of the best airlines for in-flight entertainment. The Hulu additions join over 3,000 TV shows and movies from HBO, FX, Showtime, ABC and more, all available via the Delta Studio.

Next up: Free Wi-Fi!!!! JK, but hey, a girl can dream...while thanking her lucky stars she's not in Offred's situation.

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