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Nine times out of ten, we either lose our hotel room key or end up accidentally deactivating it by leaving it too close to our phone. But, thanks to Twitter, we won't need to worry about trying to turn on the lights with it.

For those rooms with power keycard slots right inside the door, usually by the light switches, we have a handy tip. Twitter user Katyagar Moonagon uploaded a photo of a grocery loyalty card inside the power slot with the caption "‘Wanted to charge my battery pack whilst I was eating dinner, but needed my key card," and people's minds were blown. Basically, instead of having to leave your hotel room key inside the room while, say, charging your phone, you can just slip any ol' plastic card in the slot and be on your way, since the electricity power slots are activated by pressure from the card.

The post, which garnered over 270 retweets and over 1,300 likes, makes sense for many of the pressure slots, but others do require a magnetic strip matching the key card of the room.

Now, if only there was a way to never lose the damn thing.

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