Celebeauty Sit-Down: Jennifer Aniston’s Colorist Explains How to Keep Your Hair from Thinning as You Age

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Aging is inevitable. And while many of us are doing our best to keep our skin taut and protected, there’s another facet of getting older that many of us forget about: thinning hair. Yep, you may have had fistfuls of luscious locks back in your teens and twenties, but as we grow older, our ponytails continue to get thinner and thinner. So, when PureWow spoke with Jennifer Aniston’s longtime colorist, Michael Canalé, about all things hair, we were surprised to learn there’s something we can do now to make sure our locks stay full and glossy for years to come.

Since a little bit of damage is pretty much unavoidable (Blow drying! Highlights! Time in the sun!), Canalé suggests using a mild shampoo, like his Cleanse formula ($38) that’s “not harsh but still cleans the oil out of the follicle,” and a conditioner that rebuilds, like Soften ($42), also from his range.

But the single most important tool the celebrity colorist says helps hair withstand years of wear and tear is a topical vitamin called Nourish hair foam ($39). “The topical [foam] dumps vitamins into the hair follicle and swells the hair shaft. For people that are aging, it’s perfect.”

He says Aniston has been using an ingestible form of his multivitamin called the Replenish ($39) since 1996, so the proof is in the pudding.

Looks like we have some shopping to do.

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