The Royals Have a Secret Color-Coding System for Their Luggage While Traveling, and It's Sorta Genius

True Life: We common folk have to pack our own suitcases when we travel (gasp!). And while we don’t have an entire staff helping us pick out our outfits, making sure everything’s clean and pressed before we leave and organizing it into bags, we do a decent job of it. (Well, except for that time we forgot to pack socks and underwear…)

But the royals have to maintain Marie Kondo-level tidiness in order to keep up with their jam-packed tour schedules (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reportedly completed 76 engagements during the royal tour of Oceania alone).

So it's no wonder they've got their packing down to a science. And the number one rule of organization: color coding. (Marie Kondo is doing that adorable little jumping up and down and clapping move right now.)

the queens luggage
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In order to make sure their bags get to the right places, the royals color code each and every suitcase, garment bag and tote that goes with them. The colors symbolize different locations. According to Hello!, blue means the bag goes on the plane with them, green means it’s for the hotel, and yellow means it’s going to a residence (the British ambassador’s house of their destination country, for example).

royals luggage tags
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The royals even take it a step further. Each bag has two tags: The color-coded one and the name of the person it belongs to. So Meghan Markle’s endless royal tour outfits would have a tag reading “Duchess of Sussex” and another green tag meaning it’s going to her and Prince Harry’s hotel.

Of course, we don’t bring nearly enough bags to have them color-coded (and we’re most definitely not paying $50 extra for another checked bag). But we are inspired to write which essentials are in which suitcases on the luggage tag itself. For example, our tote tag would read “hair brush, liquids, makeup” while our suitcase tag would read “clothes, umbrella, chargers.”

royal luggage
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See? Now you're traveling like a royal. (Private jet sold separately.)

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