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This Is How Much Money Working from Home Can Save You (as If We Needed Another Excuse)

While we love office perks (helloooo free coffee and gym membership discounts), we also love staying in our PJs all day and working from the comfort of our couch (OK, yes, in front of an episode of Handmaid’s Tale, obvi).

So when we heard there’s new data to back up our “Hey, can’t make it into the office today” emails, we almost jumped up from our desk. Turns out, according to new research from FlexJobs, a listings website for remote positions, telecommuting could save you between $4,668 and $5,668 a year. (And we thought the free coffee was saving our wallets.)

Here’s the breakdown for money saved while working from home: $686 in gas, $767 in car maintenance, $500 to $1,000 in dry cleaning (because, ya know, pajamas), $1,040 in lunches and coffee, $925 in professional wardrobe and $750 in tax breaks. And that’s not even considering the time you typically spend commuting that could be spent earning money.

Phew, so much for “free” coffee. And yes, we’ve already emailed our boss, too. 

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