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Yeah, we thought so…(that stuff is gross.) But good news? Now you pretty much have a scientific reason to ditch the bottle altogether (though talk to your doctor first).

A video created by the American Chemical Society posted on the YouTube channel Reactions recently analyzed every single ingredient in standard cough syrups, questioning their effectiveness. But the clincher came when they looked at 19 different studies and found that 15 of them concluded it had no benefits or conflicting results. One study even stated that the dreaded stuff is “no better than a placebo.” Although, granted, placebos can actually be really powerful.

So what’s a desperate, congested soul to do? Pop a cough drop or turn to an ancient remedy…the hot toddy. We won’t get into the stuffy details, but lemon, warm spices and plenty of liquid help get everything in your body, er, soothed and relieved. May we suggest trying a Slow-Cooker Cranberry Hot Toddy?

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