HomeAdvisor Put Together an Entire Floor Plan of Buckingham Palace

Ever wondered what it’s really like to live like royals? If you’re royally obsessed like us, then that’s something you’ve asked yourself hundreds of times. Ah, to sip tea (or a gin and Dubonnet) with Queen Elizabeth in the white drawing room.

Sure, tours of Buckingham Palace (virtual or in-person) offer a glimpse into the regal estate, but they only show you a small portion of Queen E's not-so-humble abode. This enormous, instantly recognizable building has served as the official London residence of the U.K.’s sovereigns since 1837, yet we’ve seen so little of it. Lucky for us, HomeAdvisor decided to create a complete floor plan, illustrations and all, of the 775-room building (yes, you read that correctly) broken up into three sections, the Central Block, Queen's Apartments and the East Front.

To do this, the company used pre-existing floor plans, research and already existing interior images. It even worked with architect Jelena Popovic, who previously helped create floor plans for each section of the palace.

So, shall we explore?

01 1 buckingham palace central block floor plan
Home Advisor

1. Central Block

Probably the most well known (and visited) part of the palace, considering the Central Block is open to the public for tours.

02 1 buckingham palace queens apartments floor plan
Home Advisor

2. Queen’s Apartments

Due to the privacy of the Queen’s Apartments very little of this portion has been seen by the public.

03 1 buckingham palace east front floor plan
Home Advisor

3. East Front

Also known as the “public face” of BP, the East Front contains the balcony from which the royal family acknowledge the crowds on momentous occasions.

01 5 buckingham palace central block regency room
Home Advisor

4. Regency Room

Guys, this where Her Majesty has shot many of her Christmas broadcasts.

01 4 buckingham palace central block 1844 room
Home Advisor

5. 1844 Room

Coined the “most important room in the palace,” by House & Garden.

01 3 buckingham palace room plan whitedrawingroom
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6. White Drawing Room

Often used to receive royal guests and as a gathering place for members of the royal family before official events.

01 2 buckingham palace central block state dining room
Home Advisor

7. State Dining Room

We’d recognize this room anywhere.

And while we’d like to think we’ve seen all the palatial building has to offer, there are some areas of Buckingham Palace that will most likely always remain a mystery.