Hoda Kotb Finally Made Her Big Return to ‘Today’—and She Clearly Can’t Stop Smiling

It’s official: Hoda Kotb has finally made her big return to co-host Today. 

On Tuesday, the 55-year-old made her first appearance on the show since April, and it’s safe to say everyone (including us) was excited to have her back. 

“Hoda is back and everyone is smiling so much just to see your face,” Savannah Guthrie said during the show’s opening moments. “I went to bed last night, I popped up at 3:15 and I was like, ‘I get to come home,'” Kotb replied.

News of her return was revealed live on the show, as well as on Kotb’s personal Instagram page, back in August. 

“Hi guys. Guess what? It’s time to get my roots done. I’m coming back to work. I’m gonna be there on September the 3rd. Right after Labor Day. You guys, I’m so excited,” she said in the clip. 

The mother of two went on maternity leave back in April after adopting her second daughter, Hope Catherine Kotb. And by the looks of her Instagram, she’s been loving summer with her two little girls.

“Look, I’m not gonna lie, this probably has been the best summer of my entire life with these two kids,” she added in her video. “I’ve loved every second of it. But you know what else I’m gonna love? Coming back to you guys. So I am gettin’ ready. I’m setting my alarm, 3:15 a.m. OK? We’ll be back in business. All right? I love you guys.  I cannot wait to see you.”

Now Hoda, please never leave us again.