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Move over, AirPods.

These new (and, TBH, pretty stylish) earrings from Scandi Electronics are the solution to a number of modern-day mishaps—namely, losing our wireless bluetooth headphones. 

The earrings, called the Swings Bluetooth Earrings, hang from your pierced earlobe when you’re not using them. Getting a call? Just swing the bottom portion to fit into your ear, and voilà, no more digging through your purse for those dang Pods.

The accessories have already garnered more than $3,000 on Kickstarter and are available in three styles: the original in gold and white, the original with pavé rhinestones and Swings Sport in all black. The only catch? They won’t be available ’til April 2019 if the campaign reaches its goal of $200,000 by August 25. You can make sure you score a pair, however, if you donate to the Kickstarter fund for anywhere between $129 to $349, so your name will be added to their “backers” list as the first to receive the buds.

The earrings come with five hours of battery life when fully charged as well as a carrying case and charger. 

Pledging on behalf of all of our BFFs, stat. (No worries, you can pay us back in 2019.)

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