Ghosts, goblins and a rogue hair on the sheets! Oh my!

If you're looking to up the ~spooky~ ante this Halloween, Airbnb has got you covered (and, no, not because you're terrified of the cleaning fees). The homestay company just rounded up the creepiest places to shack up this Halloween weekend, and they're all available for just $31/night. The boo-tiful deal starts on 9 a.m. ET on October 19 and applies to bookings from November 1 to 3, 2019.

So grab your horror-loving friends and book a weekend in a deserted ghost town, a haunted mansion or an old German manor lit only by candle (just don't be surprised if your vacay is anything but restful...).

airbnb haunted house cisco

Cisco, Utah

As if post offices weren't scary enough... This abandoned ghost town was once home to Charles Steen, a Cold War hero who discovered uranium nearby. It's rumored he still haunts the town.

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airbnb haunted house beck

Ontario, Canada

The haunted Victorian house was built in the 1800s and is rumored to still be home to the owner, a lumber baron and his scorned daughter, who was only left $1 of her father's vast inheritance. If angry money-hungry kids aren't enough to scare you, there's Netflix available for all your scary movie needs.

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airbnb haunted house gettysburg

Aspers, Pennsylvania

The sound of footsteps, the apparition of a man in a Confederate soldier uniform and friendly, giggling spirits swishing by you in centuries-old dresses make this stunning Gettysburg home a trip down haunted history lane.

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airbnb haunted house st paul

St. Paul, Minnesota

Guests visiting this spooky property with a stone grotto in the backyard may hear the wails of Rosalia Fihn, a young girl who died of typhoid fever on the property and whose spirit, it's said, is trapped in the old manor house. But don't fret, weary traveler: the host's friendly Doberman, Scorch, will see that nothing too terrifying befalls you.

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