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As any true Harry Potter fan knows, candles are a pretty big deal in the wizarding world. They illuminate Hogwarts, they protect Harry and friends from the dangers of the Forbidden Forrest, but most importantly, they smell really good. 

So it only makes sense that Primark (the U.K. equivalent of Target) is releasing an entire line of Potter-themed candles. Some of our favorites include a Gryffindor candle, a candle printed with Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and even one that looks like a bottle of Amortenia.

But buyer beware: You’ll either need some floo powder, a plane ticket or a kind U.K.-based friend in order to get in on this fiery opportunity because Primark doesn’t have an online store. Womp, womp.

Some Brits have all the fun.

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