Halle Berry Got a Special ‘Birthday Serenade’ from Her Boyfriend, Van Hunt

Happy birthday, Halle Berry!

The Monster's Ball actress just celebrated her 55th birthday yesterday and she shared a video to Instagram showing how she spent the special day. In the clip, Berry is seen riding in a car with her head hanging out of the window. Throughout the slo-mo video, her hair blows in the wind and she merely smiles as a twinkling song plays in the background.

It turns out the person singing in the audio is none other than Berry's boyfriend, Van Hunt. The birthday girl has previously said: “This ain’t no lukewarm kinda love." And that must be true, given that Hunt recorded a song just for Berry's special day. The musician is heard singing a cover of “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.”

In the caption, the Catwoman star said, “After the year we’ve all had, my heart is full as I’m grateful to see this August 14th. In the midst of the storm, I’ve managed to create happiness, find more peace, and feel more free than ever! Finally, I’m exhaling! Thank you vanO for my b-day serenade.”

Two days prior to her birthday, the actress made a different post reflecting on her age. She said, “It used to be when you were 40 your career was done … and I mean really done. I couldn't think that I'd be playing an MMA fighter at 54 years old. Yet I did, so it's got to be changing. I'm proof of that. @entertainmentweekly.”

The actress is referring to her role as an MMA fighter in the movie Bruised, which is set for a wide release on Netflix this coming November.

We are so happy for you, Halle.

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