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Uh-Oh, Were Facing a Giant Global Tequila Shortage

We’ll be the first to admit that spicy margaritas are really damn delicious. And apparently, the world agrees with us. In fact, they agree a little too much.

According to Reuters, demand for tequila has totally skyrocketed over the past two years, causing prices for blue agave—the plant from which the spirit is made—to not double, not triple, but increase sixfold.  [[link Reuters to a specific article?]]

Good for the tequila biz, right? Not so fast.

Blue agave growers don’t have enough of the stuff to keep up with all the tasty, tasty mojitos we want. In fact, they’re facing a shortage of about 24 million plants.

The worst news? It takes seven to eight years for new plants to mature. This means tequila prices will probably rise and a lot of craft producers will be driven out of business or forced to distill other beverages like vodka or gin. 

Usually, we’d drink our sorrows away with tequila, but it’s time for plan B. Cranberry gin twists, anyone?

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