Wait, Glenn Close’s Oscars Gown Weighs How Much?!

glenn close
Mark Ralston/Getty Images

It’s anyone’s guess which one of the wildly talented women nominated for Best Actress will walk away with the Oscar at the end of the night, but what’s even more difficult is figuring out which one had the best gown of the evening. That said, Glenn Close might deserve the win simply for the impressive feat of wearing a 42-pound dress on the red carpet. We repeat, Glenn Close’s Oscars gown weighs a whopping forty-two pounds.

As if the flattering faux-wrap detail and wonderfully dramatic cape weren’t enough of a showstopping combination, Close’s stunning ensemble is covered in more than 4 million beads. Looks like designer Carolina Herrera has truly outdone herself.

We very much hope Close has a lighter gown to change into for the after-parties—ya know, to give her shoulders a break. Here’s hoping all that heavy lifting pays off with a Best Actress win.

Abby Hepworth


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