A Ghost Direwolf Plush Toy from ‘Game of Thrones’ Is the Only Appropriate Gift for the Northerner in Your Life

plush direwofl

April is coming, and with it, the final season of Game of Thronesand with that, all the Game of Thrones–themed merchandise you could possibly dream of (or maybe you greenseers out there saw them coming).

The latest in ice and fire merch? Please welcome the Ghost Direwolf Plush toy. Sure, cuddling with Jon’s actual direwolf, Ghost, would be a dangerous bet, but this cute little stuffed animal is the ideal object to stress squeeze during any tense moments in season eight (and we have a feeling there will be a lot of them). The adorable toys are available in the HBO shop for a cool $30.

And Ghost isn’t the only one on the market right now, Target and Amazon also have Direwolf plush toys for sale, but they’re going fast.

Not a Northerner? If you’re more of a Targaryen loyalist, we’ve spotted two-pound Game of Thrones Chocolate Dragon Eggs. And if you want to work off the chocolate, there are Adidas Running Shoes with GoT-branded insoles the house motif of your choice.