This Is Not a Drill: You Can Get Paid to Live on a Beautiful Greek Island with 55 Cats

If living on a Greek island in the sparkling turquoise waters of the Aegean sea surrounded by feline friends sounds like your idea of a dream come true, then you’re in luck.

The listing, from God’s Little People Cat Rescue, is (seriously) looking for someone interested in a fully paid-for residence, private garden and salary to chill with 55 cats on the picturesque island of Syros in the Cyclades off the coast of Greece. 

Employment duties? The person would need to be able to take over running the cat sanctuary and be a “mature and genuinely passionate cat lover who knows how to handle many cats and would love their company!” according to the job listing.

The job begins November 1, 2018, with a minimum requirement of six months of work plus a one-month volunteering intro. (Uhhhh,internship much?)

The best part: You’d be required to work only four hours a day taking care of the kitties. The rest of the time is yours.

As if we needed any more purrrr-suasion.

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