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The Oscar-winning screenwriter, acclaimed actor and philanthropist Matt Damon can now add one more accolade to his résumé: manny. Specifically, manny to the stars.  

His pal (and, um, employer) George Clooney appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night to chat about his latest film, Suburbicon, and asked the audience if they’d like to meet his twins, Alexander and Ella.

Cue Damon crashing the set and pushing a double stroller with a diaper bag on one shoulder and a spit-up towel on the other, much to the dismay of his longtime (faux) nemesis, Jimmy Kimmel.

“I’m his manny. It’s a nanny who’s a man,” Damon explained to the late-night host.  

Kimmel couldn’t resist taunting his number one rival by responding, “You’re not a man!” But Damon had an insult ready to go. 

“That’s not what your wife said,” Damon retorted. Ohhh, burn.

Kimmel then took a jab at Damon’s body, asking him, “So, I guess by your physique that you’re breastfeeding, too?”

The two continued to go back and forth in a hilarious exchange, but it was Damon who had the final mic drop. Lifting a fake Ella and Alexander out of their strollers (sorry, the twins didn’t actually make an appearance), Damon flipped Kimmel his two middle fingers named “Screw” and “You.”

We love these guys and their fake feud. And hey, we can also appreciate a good joke. But on a more serious note, can we hire Matt Damon as our manny, please?

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