The Night King Just Revealed Why He Gave Bran That Weird Look During the Battle of Winterfell

He'll always be in our icy cold hearts and memories, but he no longer walks the frozen tundra he once called "home."

Yep, we're talking about that steely eyed blue-faced gentlemen on Game of Thrones known as the Night King (may he never be forgotten…for the sake of human kind). But while we may never see the Night King or his fiercely loyal Army of the Dead again, we do have actor Vladimír Furdík, who portrayed the incredibly cheek-boned Royal Highness of Death, to explain what went down in his final scenes (and that we might've been all wrong about his true motives).

In a recent interview with Vulture, Furdík said "The Long Night" episode director Miguel Sapochnik told him that in order to nail the haughty walk, the weird/murderous facial expression and completely embody his "I'm about to kill you and your human-hard-drive-like memory" attitude, he had to think about…cake.

"I remember a couple of times when I did the walk, and I go for my target, which was Bran, and he said, 'Bran, he is not man. He is a cake. And you would like to eat this cake,'" Furdík said. "'And I would like to see you acting, you’re walking to him, you’re walking like you’re looking for that cake, which is waiting for you under the tree.'"

So, basically, the Night King wanted a slice of Bran muffin cake? Gottttt it…

He continued: "If you have a child, and you said, 'Hey child, there’s a cake, in the kitchen! Go there!' They’d go, 'Ahh, cake, cake!' But adults never run for the cake. They walk. You can see from an [adult’s] body—they’re going for a cake from grandmom, and they’re looking forward to eating this cake. When I walk, you can see what Miguel said: 'Don’t be a soldier. No. Just walk, confident. There’s a cake.'"

Furdík also revealed that the Night King may not have even wanted to kill Bran at all. Flashback to episode three, and he's taking his sweet-ice time under that Weirwood tree as Bran sits there, staring back. While they share this weird, telepathic, unspoken moment, it seems the Night King may not have even wanted to end the Three-Eye Raven. 

"Look, we think he’s going to kill Bran, but who knows if he’s going to kill him?" the Slovakian stuntman said. "He doesn’t rush. Maybe he had different [plans]. Maybe he wanted to do something else. You know? Then she kills him. But maybe he was gonna show them, 'No, no, no, wait, I’m here for something else!'"

Alas, we'll never know for sure, since our "girl who is no one" Arya ninja-jumped in to save the day.

And for that, we are grateful (and hungry for cake).

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