The 'Game of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 5 Photos Are Here, and They May Have Just Proved the 'Mad Queen' Theory Right

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Nope, no Starbucks cups this time. But we will be getting another taste of war in the fifth episode of the final season of Game of Thrones.

HBO just released the episode five photos, and while a certain caffeine container was noticeably absent from the new pics (and scrubbed from the episode four scene), we do have eight photos that show Cersei's wrath is far from over. Last Sunday, we had a taste of it when the evil Lannister queen beheaded Daenerys's right-hand woman and handmaiden, Missandei, and shot down her second-to-last dragon, Rhaegal.

Now, with only one dragon (or, maybe more?), no BFF, an angry Greyworm, and a bunch of advisors who don't think she has the true claim to the throne, things are starting to look depressingly bad for our girl Dany. Here, take a look for yourself.

game of thrones s8 ep5 jon tyrion

Ser Davos, Jon and Tyrion oversee what's left of their decimated Stark/Targaryen forces in front of the gates of King's Landing, readying for war against Cersei and her Golden Company.

game of thrones s8 ep5 boats

This pic shows Jon and (the traitorous) Varys at what looks to be Dragonstone, probably strategizing for the battle against Cersei.

game of thrones s8 ep5 euron

We see Euron standing on one of his ships, seemingly staring at the sky with a look of possible surprise (?). In the episode five trailer, a more telling shot of Euron looking at the sky with a shocked expression could mean that Dany's got more dragons up her sleeve (a theory that's been gaining steam recently) or that Gendry has been able to outfit Drogon with armor to protect him from the giant Scorpion spear-thrower.

game of thrones s8 ep5 golden company

The Golden Company prepping for battle...and just us, or is that dude not intimidating at all? Also, he looks like a Walmart version of young Jaime Lannister (sorry, not sorry).

game of thrones s8 ep5 greyworm

Greyworm is now Blueworm (get it?) now that his bae is gone. Time for sweet, sweet vengeance, y'all!

game of thrones s8 ep5 happy cersei

Cersei looking smug as hell, with next zombie-king The Mountain standing behind her. (Cleganebowl, hurry up already!)

game of thrones s8 ep5 tyrion

Tyrion looks like he's just been asked to pick between Jon and Dany, and we're not ready for his answer.

game of thrones s8 ep5 jon davos

Break me off a piece of that RIGHTFUL KING, though, am I right?!

game of thrones s8 ep5 sad daenerys

Ugh, but we're sorry to Dany for the things we said when we were looking for a person to sit on the Iron Throne... Also, just us, or is Dany in full-on Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial mode? She looks unrecognizable in this depressing gray shot (we've recently been seeing her in strong-powerful-leader and in-love modes). Maybe all her losses at the hands of Cersei and the Night King are really starting to drive the Dragon Queen mad.

C'mon, Dany, get it together.

Game of Thrones episode five airs on HBO at 9 p.m. on May 12.