“Snow-OH! We’re halfway there!” Only three episodes remain for our heroes of Game of Thrones season eight, and now the Night King (God rest his frozen soul) is no longer the biggest threat to Westeros.

It seems we have an even bigger problem on our hands (and that problem rocks a yellow bowl cut like no other). According to the recently released photos for episode four, though, the North will have to get their corpse-covered sh*t together if they’re going to unseat Cersei.

game of thrones ep 4 daenerys strategizinf
Helen Sloan/HBO

We first see Daenerys, Missandei and Varys strategizing about an attack on King's Landing...but take a closer look at the map of Westeros and you'll realize that the forces of Unsullied and the North (R.I.P. Dothraki) are decimated. Here's a look back at how many forces (represented by those little brown blocks on the map) they had before the Night King went all "God of Death" on everyone for reference. 

game of thrones ep 4 daenerys
Helen Sloan/HBO

But first, burn, baby burn! Daenerys and her generals watch a pyre (probably with Ser Jorah, front and center) about to turn the casualties into ash.

game of thrones ep 4 starks
Helen Sloan/HBO

There's our girl! The Starks stand on the other side of the Winterfell fortress, watching the same body-burning about to go down. Is this more evidence of a growing rift (hinted at via the convo between Sansa and Dany, episode two)?

game of thrones ep 4 cersei euron
Helen Sloan/HBO

Two people not watching as Jon Snow lights corpses on fire? Euron and Cersei, who, as we know from the episode four trailer, get engaged (or at least, almost do). Is this post-proposal? Are they actually in love? Who are we kidding: Cersei is full-on manipulation mode right here (in a new red dress, no less). 

game of thrones ep 4 targaryen ships
Helen Sloan/HBO

Meanwhile, the Targaryen forces are sailing for King's Landing. Perhaps Yara donates some of the remaining Greyjoy ships to the cause in honor of her late brother?

game of thrones ep 4 jon snow longclaw
Helen Sloan/HBO

Our boy Jon Snow is looking worse for wear with that giant face gash, but if that's all the injury that was inflicted from fighting an actual ice dragon, we'd say he got pretty damn lucky.

game of thrones ep 4 drogon daenerys
Helen Sloan/HBO

And his aunt Dany looks coy and flirtatious as she and Drogon smile up at the sky, probably as they watch her nephew take his shiny new toy Rhaegal out for a quick spin.

game of thrones ep 4 north corpses
Helen Sloan/HBO

More corpse burning...ugh. We get it! You lost a lot of good men! Just please remember that we the viewers are ready to see Cersei get ripped out "root and stem" like, now, OK?

Game of Thrones returns with episode four on Sunday, May 5, at 9 p.m. PT/ET on HBO.

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