We Finally Know Definitively Whether Daenerys Saw Snow or Ash on the Throne

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

“I am no ordinary woman, my dreams come true,” Daenerys Targaryen once said.

If the Dragon Queen is right, then she may not rule the Seven Kingdoms after all. Flashback to season two, when Dany sees a vision of the Iron Throne. Fans have wondered for years whether the throne room in her dream, which was covered with a powdery gray substance, was covered in ash or snow, since this could be a *major* clue for the ending of the show (ash representing Dany’s dragons and her ultimate ascension to the throne, snow representing Jon as King—or perhaps the White Walkers takeover). 

And according to Vanity Fair, who recently combed through the Game of Thrones scripts that are on display at the Writers Guild of America West library, the season two scripts hold the answer. 

The script reads: “She looks up. The roof is missing and snow falls from the sky. [. . .] At the far end of the room, the Iron Throne waits for her, dusted with snow. Her dream made manifest.” 

There you have it: Snow. Does this mean Jon will ultimately “win” the Game? Or will the White Walkers come for King’s Landing and decimate mankind?

Of course, the writers of the show wouldn’t have known the exact ending to GoT yet back in season two, but it does feel like a great deal of symbolism that shouldn’t be ignored.

Just somethin’ to think about as we rewatch the new teaser trailer for the 1000th time…

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