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The night is dark and full of terrors, namely: crow’s-feet, age spots and receding hairlines.

So…how does Game of Thrones’s Melisandre get her skin looking so good? She’s like, 4,000 years old. It’s either a ten-plus-step Korean beauty routine…or truly massive amounts of retinol.

Get ready to take notes: If the Red Woman had a skin-care routine, it would probably be this.


For that *glow*: Vintner's Daughter

If you know, you just know. (And Melisandre knows.)

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For ironing out wrinkles: Retinol

We’re led to believe that Melisandre walked into her derm’s office and asked for the strongest retinol they can prescribe, then proceeded to bathe in it.

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For that chiseled jawline: Nuface

When she’s not raising people from the dead, she’s microcurrenting her face to oblivion.

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For moisture: Creme de la mer

Winter can be sooo drying for the complexion.

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viviscal hair vitamins

For those luscious locks: Viviscal

Wig? You’ve gotta be joking.

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Add to all this a high SPF sunscreen, some of that chalky collagen drink powder, microneedling (pain is beauty) and probably also a lash serum. And more retinol. Always more retinol.

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