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Just when we thought Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) couldn’t get any more badass, HBO releases a savage behind-the-scenes video of the petite assassin sparring with the larger-than-life Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie). Spoiler alert: Williams can hold her own. 

In the fourth episode of HBO’s digital series The Game Revealed, the five-foot-one Williams takes on her six-foot-three opponent with the grace and agility of a faceless woman. She flips her dagger and launches from backbend to standing (OK, maybe a little help from her stunt double for that bit) like it ain’t no thing.

Of her face-off with her fellow dagger doyenne, Williams says, “To be fighting Gwen, who is far over a foot taller than me, and for her to be fighting someone who is far, far shorter than her, it’s been a massive challenge.”

Christie, Warrior Princess, adds, “In a fight, it’s so much more than just choreography. Every movement says something about the character. It tells the story of these two very different warriors.” 

Simply put: Don’t mess with the women of Winterfell.

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