These Videos of the #AryaChallenge Are Ridiculous (but We Can't Look Away)

Unless you've been living in the crypts, you know that the Battle of Winterfell is over, and the cake-loving Night King and his Army of the Dead are gone. And it's all thanks to No One, aka Arya Stark, who, in the most pivotal moment of the episode (and arguably, the entire Game of Thrones series), did a crazy jump-sneak-attack to kill His Royal Highness of Death and end "The Long Night" for good.


We think A Girl would be so proud if she could see her loyal fans copying her ninja-like skills with the recent social-media trend: the Arya Challenge.

Ever since the end of episode three on Sunday, April 28, GoT lovers have been perfecting the move, which starts out with one arm raised over your head. It's followed by a snake-eyes moment where whatever object is in the raised hand (in Arya's case, it was a Valyrian steel dagger) is caught by the other hand held at torso-height without moving one's gaze. A hand-thrusting motion can be thrown in for added effect.

Here, our favorite Arya Challenge videos (and try not to practice it yourself once you've seen them).

Ten points to Gryffindor for the double stabby stab at the end.

We'd be so intimidated if we were the other team.

Seems unnecessary (but we still dig it).

Yes, ladies and gents: That's a remote (and this is how we're going to turn on Game of Thrones every Sunday from now 'til the finale).

So, what do we say to the God of Death? (After we're done grooming, of course.)

Not. Today.