Gabrielle Union Reveals the Role She Would Play in a Remake of ‘Grease’ (& It Makes So Much Sense)

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Gabrielle Union knows she was born to play the ultimate bad girl role.

While the actress spoke with PureWow about her collaboration with Amazon to deliver smiles, she opened up about the movie remake that she'd love to star in, as well as the characters that she would want to play.

She told us, "One of my all-time favorite movies is Grease, and knowing that [the actors] were all in their late 20s and 30s when they were starring as teenagers, kind of like how I was in my late 20s, starring as a teenager, I still want to be Rizzo."

Union continued, "Maybe in this version, they're grad students. I don't know, I just want to be Rizzo. A lot of people want to be Sandy. Not me. I want to be Rizzo, or Cha-Cha DiGregorio, the best dancer at St. Bernadette's with the worst reputation. I love playing bad girls."

The 48-year-old actress's fondness for rebellious roles comes as no surprise, since she's well-known for playing Isis, Torrance's outspoken rival, in the 2000 film, Bring It On. In fact, we imagine that Isis and the leader of the Pink Ladies would get along quite well, had they been born in the same decade and gone to the same school.

While there is currently a Grease spin-off series (Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies) that's coming to Paramount+, there's no word on a new film remake. However, Union did confirm that an official Bring It On sequel is now in the works. She told us, "This was something that me and Kirsten and Peyton Reed talked about this summer, when we were celebrating the 20th anniversary. Obviously, there's been a lot of Bring It On sequels, but none that included the original cast or director, so it's something that we've been working on."

We'll be patiently awaiting more details!

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