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‘Friends! The Musical is Happening
Warner Bros.

In the words of Janice Hosenstein, "Oh. My. God."

It’s been 13 years since Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Ross, Chandler, Joey and the entire Friends crew closed up shop at Central Perk and left for the suburbs. But pop culture parody experts Bob and Tobly McSmith recently announced their newest off-Broadway project, and it appears Marcel the Monkey’s agent is back in business.

The McSmiths are responsible for successfully transforming a number of hit television shows into broadway-worthy acts, including musical parodies of Saved by the Bell, Full House, and Katdashians! The Musical. (Yep, picture Cats invading a Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode.) So it only makes sense they’ve set their eyes on the hit TV show Friends and are working to bring Monica’s fat suit, Joey’s one-liners, Janice’s unbearable laugh and the show’s best moments to New York’s off-Broadway scene in fall 2017. While there is no guarantee the former Friends cast members will participate in the parody, we have a feeling they won’t be able to resist popping by for a cameo (or several).

Tickets for Friends! The Musical will go on sale in June. And we’d be lying if we didn’t say we smell a possible Tony Award. But then again, that could just be the return of "Smelly Cat."

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