This 5-Year-Old Just Won a Grammy—and We’re Downloading All His Tunes

When it comes to kid-related categories at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, not *everyone* is old enough to stay up until the eleventh hour (literally). That's why it's great that a super-important category for the under-5-set has already been announced: the award for the best children's album.

The winner? It's Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats, a group that delivers Jazz Age-style tunes, all modified for families. But here's the coolest part: Their lead cellist is a total cutie. His name is Darius Kalantari—and he's just 5 years old.

Yep, the pics of little Darius, Lucy's son, taking home his first Grammy and grinning from ear to ear are too cute for words. He also looks like a total professional with his purple silk bow tie and matching pocket square.

And, in case you were wondering, a quick Google (and YouTube) search informed us: Darius is a true talent. (Seriously, just watch him skillfully back up his own mom on the cello and time his tunes with humorous facial expressions.)

Congrats, Lucy and the Jazz Cats—and kudos on raising an adorable (and talented) son.

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