Join Us on the Twitter Journey of the Fan Who Sat Next to Timothée Chalamet for Her 3-Hour Flight

When you’re boarding a flight, you’re probably more concerned about getting the last three inches of overhead bin space than what random stranger you’ll be jostling elbows with for what seems like eternity (three hours).

Imagine then, if you will, that the random stranger turns out to be none other than Timothée Chalamet, and you subsequently bond over your shared interests (him) for the duration of your flight.

That’s what happened to Twitter user @alankruthahaha, who delightfully shared her story on the platform. What follows is a stream of events (complete with relevant GIFs from The Office) that could only happen in our wildest dreams. Yes, it’s lengthy…but so, so worth it.

Whenever we’ve run out of overhead space, it’s more akin to descending into the fiery pits of hell than seeing an “actual angel.” Of course, when the light bulb goes off, Timmy plays it cool with the old “I get that a lot” trick (as one does)…



Never met Beyoncé? Wow, he’s just like us.

We appreciate that stalking his Wikipedia page earned a high-five. It really validated our sense of self.

They talked about The Office, Armie Hammer and their life’s aspirations.

If we ever had a conversation with this “pure soul,” we imagine it would include the heart-explosion thing, along with profuse sweating and a really bad case of nervous dry mouth.

Do you think anyone has ever turned down the photo-op?

We learned that he has an affinity for orange juice and those tiny, negative-calorie pretzels they hand you as a pity prize on flights.

Definitely friends.

There’s hope—but you’ll probably be seated next to a screaming toddler on your next trip. Just being realistic here.

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