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These Gorgeous New Canned Rosés Hold Half a Bottle of Wine (and Cost Only $6)
Eufloria Wines

What’s better than rosé?! Rosé you can take with you anywhere, of course. But with the convenience of cans comes the sacrifice of size and cost…that is, until now.

Eufloria canned wine, which clocks in at a whopping 13 percent ABV (where most other canned “wine like” products are around 7 percent alcohol), is 375 mL, aka exactly half a bottle of wine or about three (!!) four-ounce glasses, so you probably could last a whole concert with just one (OK, two) cans of the stuff. It comes in two flavors: Aromatic Rosé (which has tasting notes of floral, peach, strawberry and citrus blossom) and Aromatic White (which has flavors of citrus, white peach, honeysuckle and mineral). 

And at $6 a can (for, remember, half a bottle of vino), there’s nothing not to love. Especially since the cans’ artwork, from Portland, Oregon, artist Flora Bowley, deserves to be in a museum…or at least a Portland museum…

For now, we guess our refrigerator (and our picnic basket and beach bag and festival backpack) will just have to do.

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