‘The Crown’ Actress Erin Doherty Stars in This New BBC Series from One of the Writers of ‘Sex Education’

For those who are major fans of The Crown, British actress Erin Doherty probably looks familiar, due to her turn as Princess Anne on seasons three and four of the hit Netflix series. However, while it has not yet been announced who will take Doherty's place as the cast shifts for season five, it seems the actress hasn't wasted any time finding her next major role.

The 29-year-old stars in a new BBC series that looks just a touch different from The Crown. Titled Chloe, the 6-part psychological thriller follows Becky (Doherty), a temp who is caring for a mother with early-onset dementia, who slowly becomes obsessed with an online influencer named Chloe (Poppy Gilbert). However, when Chloe suddenly passes away, Becky is desperate for answers, and before she knows it, she's adopted a fake identity to infiltrate Chloe's circle of friends.

The BBC original—which will be available to stream on BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video on February 6—was created by Alice Seabright, who is known for writing and directing episodes of another smash Netflix series, Sex Education.

Chloe appears in the vein of recent miniseries thrillers like Behind Her Eyes and Clickbait. “I just thought I knew what her life was,” Doherty says of her social media obsession. However, if there's anything we've learned from these kinds of shows, it's that nothing is ever what it appears to be.

Alongside Doherty and Gilbert, Chloe will star Jack Farthing (who played Prince Charles in Spencer) and Billy Howle (known for his role as Nigel Strangeways on The Beast Must Die). Brandon Micheal Hall, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Akshay Khanna and Lisa Palfrey will also star.

We know what we'll be watching to tide us over until The Crown returns.

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