Emerald Fennell Kicked Off the Oscars with the Most Memorable Speech

And the Oscar for one of the most memorable acceptance speeches ever goes to... Emerald Fennell!

The 2021 Oscars kicked off the ceremony with a huge win for Fennell, who took home the award for Best Original Screenplay for Promising Young Woman. And after accepting the honor, Fennell confessed, "They said write a speech, and I didn't—because I just didn't think this would ever happen." Still, Fennell managed to deliver a rather entertaining speech that went from incredibly witty to emotional.

She said, "The only speech I ever wrote was when I was 10, and I had to look to see if there would be anything useful from it but, unfortunately mostly 'Thank Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell,' who was my very supportive husband. Unfortunately, he hasn't been as much a part of my life as I'd hoped. And so that speech is not that useful."

After holding back tears, Fennell went on to thank her team and her family, including her parents and her husband and director, Chris Vernon.

This is the first time a woman has won the Oscar for best original screenplay since Diablo Cody won the award 13 years ago with the film Juno. Aside from her Oscar-winning screenplay, the British actress and filmmaker is also known for her portrayal of Camilla Parker Bowles in Netflix's The Crown.

Congrats again to Fennell!

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