So...Elmo Is Officially on Instagram (& Already Has More Followers than Us)

Elmo just made history as the first monster from Sesame Street to join Instagram. It’s true—our red, furry friend decided to hop on the social media bandwagon.

His first six posts consisted of an adorable photo collage of himself, each with matching captions reading, “Elmo’s very first [second, third, etc.] @instagram post! Ha Ha!” Yup, sounds like Elmo. Oh, and he already has over eight thousand followers including famous pals like Blake Lively, Ben Platt and The Jonas Brothers.

According to a press release, Elmo will be using his new platform to provide fans around the world with encouraging and upbeat content. Don’t worry, all of his posts will be supervised by his mom and dad, who are also “helping him type.”

And that's not the only Elmo news as of late. The famous puppet is joining the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and James Corden on the small screen (HBO Max) with his own talk show, The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo. And from the looks of the trailer, he'll be welcoming some high-profile guests (including Oscar the Grouch).

The show will premiere with HBO Max’s launch on May 27, however, no word yet on how frequently episodes will air.

See you on the ’Gram, Elmo!