Taylor Swift may be the queen of music video Easter eggs, but this time Ellen DeGeneres joined in on the fun.

ICYMI: The 60-year-old Ellen DeGeneres Show host made an appearance in Swift’s brand-new “You Need to Calm Down” music video. Sure, she wasn’t the only one—everyone from the Fab Five to Katy Perry and Ryan Reynolds had cameos in the new pop hit. But DeGeneres is the only one who actually teased her foray into the music video world weeks ago.

It all started when Swift visited the Ellen show in mid-May. During their chat, DeGeneres explained that the Grammy winner had a new video coming out. She added, “I think you said you wanted me in it?”

Knowing DeGeneres’s sense of humor, the audience laughed. But the thing is, she was being serious. (Watch below starting at the 14-minute mark to see the play-by-play.)

Swift replied, “Yeah, I mean that would be a dream. Would you wanna do that?” DeGeneres fake deliberated and ultimately agreed. Later, Swift revealed that she’d left an Easter egg during her Ellen interview.

So, when DeGeneres appeared in Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” video getting a tattoo in a trailer park that read “Cruel Summer,” fans couldn’t help but feel a little mind-blown that they’d missed the hint on TV. As Twitter user @Swiftiegiu13 put it, “Ellen being a real life easter egg. We really never saw it coming!” (Accurate.)

DeGeneres’s involvement in the music video is especially poignant, as it’s meant as an anti-homophobia anthem. The Game of Games host has spoken candidly about her experience coming out. And need we mention her excellent spoof of T-Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”?

More Ellen cameos, please.   

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