Ellen DeGeneres Prepared Seth Meyers for the Golden Globes with a Hilarious Boot Camp

In preparation for the Golden Globes this Sunday, Ellen DeGeneres arranged an award show boot camp for host Seth Meyers, and the outcome is pure entertainment.

During yesterday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the daytime host put Meyers’s hosting skills to the test with a series of training exercises designed to prepare him for the worst best of live television. DeGeneres instructed Meyers to read from the teleprompter because “that’s what you do as a host,” and the rest is history.

In the video, Meyers reads from the prompter while DeGeneres assumes the role of prop master. The Late Night host must endure everything from twerking and applying red lipstick to receiving a face full of silly string and getting whacked in the head with leaves. (You know, just your average awards show occurrences.)

The 75th annual Golden Globes ceremony airs this Sunday at 8 p.m. on NBC, and if this boot camp is any indication, Meyers’s post-opening monologue drink may arrive early.

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