Ellen DeGeneres Just Had a Hair Color Catastrophe (and It’s Super Relatable)

Ellen DeGeneres is having a seriously bad hair day week.

During Monday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the TV-show host opened up in a monologue about her most recent hair-coloring experience.

“You may notice my hair is a little bit blonder today than usual, and a little bit shorter than usual, and that’s because I had my hair done over the weekend. And by over the weekend, I mean the entire weekend.” DeGeneres said. “It started off with the same sentence that all bad hair stories start with: ‘I tried a new person.’”

Yeah…we’ve all been there. But as she continued, the story seemingly went from bad to worse (eventually turning into one of our worst nightmares). According to the 61-year-old comedian, not only did she get a new colorist, but she also decided to try something new with the color—a process that would bleach and tone it.

The hours-long process didn’t work out in her favor, however. “I couldn't even pinpoint what color it was,” said DeGeneres. But the color may not have even been the worst part (we’re serious).

If you’ve ever bleached your hair before, you know the damage it can cause. So with all of the treatment, bleach and heat that was being applied, DeGeneres noticed her hair beginning to fall out. Yikes.

The overall experience was so bad that she even documented the process and shared the video with her audience. Thankfully, after two hair teams and more than four days of treatment, DeGeneres was finally able to get her hair back to normal. Mostly.

If you need us, we’ll be calling our regular stylist to thank them.