Ellen DeGeneres's 8 Best Pranks in Honor of April Fool's Day

News flash: April Fool’s Day is right around the corner. If you’re planning to pull off a prank for the books, then we highly recommend you learn from the best (aka Ellen DeGeneres).

It’s no secret the daytime host is the sneakiest prankster, like, ever (just ask Taylor Swift), so we’ve compiled her best practical jokes in honor of the holiday. Here, eight classic Ellen pranks.

When She Prank Called A Fan With Justin Bieber

And Made Her Writer Amy Pose As A Produce Manager

When She Tricked Adele Into Making A Scene At Jamba Juice

And Had Dennis Quaid Make A Fool Of Himself At Starbucks

When She Knocked Taylor Swift Off Her Feet (literally)

And Returned The Favor With Julia Roberts

When She Had Jennifer Lopez Hold Fake Job Interviews

And Sent Her Executive Producer, Andy Lassner, Through A Terrifying Haunted House