We’re Pulling a Victoria Beckham and Making Elevated Leggings a Thing

Remember when the biggest debate was whether or not leggings counted as pants? Thankfully, we’ve since settled the argument: they’re definitely pants. But we still can’t put our finger on why they always feel more “athleisure” and less “work-appropriate,” no matter how we style ’em. Then we saw this particular outfit, expertly pulled together by Victoria Beckham.

Jackson Lee/Getty Images

The fashion designer was recently photographed leaving a New York City hotel wearing none other than navy blue leggings that she paired with a black trench coat and structured leather bag from her own eponymous line. Beckham completed the look with a nude bodysuit, emerald earrings, a chunky gold watch, black peep-toe booties and oversize shades from Celine.

There’s no mistaking this look for anything but chic and polished. Beckham doesn’t look like she just came from a workout—in fact, athleisure is the absolute last word to come to mind. She looks confident and relaxed at the same time, and we’re pretty positive it’s because she's wearing the most comfortable pants known to mankind.

However, the secret to Beckham’s pulled-together appearance is twofold. For one, each item she’s wearing fits immaculately. Did she have those leggings tailored to her petite frame? Perhaps. Ditto for the trench. Additionally, the materials in this outfit read as totally luxe, thereby alluding to the fact that she probably didn’t lazily excavate these pieces from a pile of dirty clothes. Instead, she carefully planned her look—around a pair of leggings, no less—and ended up looking like a million bucks. That, friends, is what an elevated legging moment is all about. 

So, we’re officially making the case for wearing elevated leggings all the time. Leggings are flattering, comfortable and confidence-boosting. They’re easy to build an outfit around and even easier to dress up with the more polished pieces in your wardrobe. So grab your trench coats and open-toe heels, because if Victoria Beckham proves it’s a thing, it’s definitely A Thing.

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