How to Make Guacamole Using Only Two Ingredients

The next time you're roped into last-minute hosting duties, we have just the party trick for you: a two-step guacamole dip that's so easy to make we used to do it in our dorm room.

What you need: Two ripe avocados (they should yield a little when squeezed), a jar of salsa (we like a chunky variety for this) and a medium-size mixing bowl.

What you do: Peel and slice your avocado into quarters before placing the pieces in the bowl. Pour the salsa on top and get to mashing. Keep at it until everything in the bowl is mixed together nicely. Tip: You want everything to be well incorporated, but not without lumps. Because the difference between homemade guac and store-bought is in the consistency.

Feeling fancy? Add a squeeze of lime (or a sprinkling of sumac) and serve with chips. Or crudité. Or a generously-sized marg. Live your life. 

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