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Dream Groups Are Trending—but Would You Join One?

Last night, you were running through the mall without clothes on; the night before, you were in the final three on The Great British Bakeoff and forgot to turn the oven on risking the wrath of perennial scolder Paul Hollywood. Dreams can be the craziest, right?

But when you suddenly get jolted awake, don't you kind of wish you had a panel of pals at the ready to discuss and dissect them with? And someone who's *not* a half-listening, eye-rolling family member?

The solution: Start a dream group. A term coined by Alice Robb in her new book Why We Dream: The Transformative Power of Our Nightly Journey and reported on by The Science of Us, a dream group is basically a gathering of fewer than 15 people who meet monthly to analyze dreams. It's also all the rage.

The get-together goes down like this.

First, only one dream per person can be discussed (so pick the one giving you the most pause). It's to be typed up and described in 200 to 500 words on a piece of paper that's distributed to everyone in attendance, but also read aloud so that questions for clarification can be addressed. (For example, "When you were in the mall, did you stop in any stores? Or just run through the food court?")

Next comes the speculation phase. This is when the dreamer goes silent and the rest of the group acts as though the dream was their own and describes how they would feel if it happened to them. ("I could never handle the pressure of a Paul Hollywood assessment on my culinary skills.")

Finally, the dreamer is back in the hot seat for a final round of question and answer, but this time on a deeper level. The group asks about how the dream might relate to real things happening in your life. ("How is your holiday shopping going?" or "Did you recently ruin a family meal?")

The ultimate goal of the group meet-up is to "solve" the dream. (In other words, get to the bottom of things and extract what's going on in your psyche at the moment that might be spurring wild nighttime activity.)

Fascinating, right? Dream groups are the new wine club. (You heard it here first.)

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