Everyone Who’s Anyone Is Getting in on the Dolly Parton Challenge

There’s a new social media craze taking over our feeds called The Dolly Parton Challenge and guess who we have to thank for this gem? Yep, Miss Dolly herself.

What Is The Dolly Parton Challenge And How Did It Begin?

The 74-year-old music legend kicked the trend off by posting a meme of herself on Twitter with four images. Each (very different) pic was labeled with the words LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Tinder. Pretty clever, huh?

She captioned the meme, “Get you a woman who can do it all” with a winking face emoji.

Naturally, the internet took notice and it wasn’t long before everyone from Oprah to the Jonas Brothers was joining in.

1. Jennifer Garner Gets In On The Fun

Jennifer Garner, for one, recreated her own version. She used a pic form Alias for LinkedIn, a cute portrait of her in a flannel for Facebook, a highly-stylized magazine shoot for Instagram and a photo of her stand-up paddle boarding for Tinder. Unique choice, Jen.

She captioned it, “Yes, ma’am, @DollyParton, whatever you say.”

2. The Jonas Brothers Show Their Versatility

Next up were the Jonas Brothers, who varied the prompt a bit and showcased their Twitter style instead of Facebook.

There were a couple Blue Steel looks, a shot of their tushes and, of course, an awkward family portrait.

hilary duff dolly parton challenge

3. Hilary Duff Has A Mom Moment

Seeing a meme of herself (and the pants she wore in her younger years), Hilary Duff had a minor moment of panic and wrote, “ When/if Banks wears pants like this I will die/cry.”

But it was Oprah who really won the challenge.

4. Oprah Wins The Whole Thing

She posted a professional pic of her in a blouse for LinkedIn, one of her smiling with three dogs (and a lot of flowers) for Facebook, an Instagram snap of her in her PJs with a tray of cocktails and, finally, a fantastic Tinder photo of herself holding a set of rather robust melons over her chest. *Slow clap*

Thank you for this magical gift, Dolly.

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