ICYMI, You *Can* Do Disney World Dessert While Dairy-Free (and Vegan)

There’s no question that Disney is able to churn out desserts like no other—we have pink milkshakes and funnel cake fries as proof. But we didn’t think the park was particularly friendly to dietary restrictions, until now.

Thanks to some sleuthing by PopSugar, we can now say that the most magical place on Earth is also cool with the dairy-averse.

You can find dairy-free and vegan options at Disney World’s Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, like Tofutti and Rice Dream ice creams (which are tofu- and rice-based, respectively). We’d be remiss not to mention that pineapple Dole Whip is sans dairy.

And luckily, an entire blog exists to help you navigate Disney World with a vegan diet in mind. Read: Kids (and parents) with lactose intolerance or dietary needs don’t have to miss out on dessert. It is the best part, after all.