Move Over, ‘The Bachelor’: Netflix Has a New Dating Show Called ‘Dating Around’

This Valentine’s Day, Netflix and chill is taking on a new meaning.

The streaming platform just dropped the trailer for a brand-new show that’s helping singles navigate the perilous world of swiping: Dating Around. The series centers on five singles of different ages and sexual orientations going on blind dates in hopes of finding their forever (or right now) person. 

Many of them admit it’s the first blind date of their lives and express worries about their dinner companions being “serial killers” or, in one case, an avid recreational drug user.

In an extremely meme-able exchange, one contestant in the trailer quips, “I’m, like, the goodie girl. I’ve never done a drug. And you?” Her date’s answer? “Yeah, I love them.” (But not all couples, presumably, will be this mismatched.)

Another couple quickly realizes they have total “culture clash,” one woman tells her date he’s a “headache” and one man tells his date he’s unsure of their chemistry. To make matters even more demoralizing, Mr. Druggie mournfully says “I hate this s**t” after one of his dates. (Chin up!)

But it’s not all bad. Some couples appear to have genuine chemistry and there’s even talk of a second date. Yay for happy endings!

Each episode will show one single going on five first dates (what a nightmare) and will explore the ups, downs and supreme awkwardness of each evening out. At the end of the day the single have to decide who deserves a second date.

Dating Around fittingly premieres Thursday, February 14, (aka Valentine’s Day) on Netflix. We truly can’t think of a better way to spend the evening than watching The Dating Game 2.0 with a box of chocolates. Who’s with us?

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