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"Sometimes I'll look at myself and be like, 'Dang girl, you got a lot of stretch marks.' But then I’m like, 'That's just the road map of my strength.'" — Danielle Brooks, the profound inner voice of strong women everywhere.

Stretch marks? She’s got ’em. Flaws? Probs. Lacking confidence? Blasphemy. So—what’s her secret? 

According to the Orange Is the New Black star, it’s all about validation (and not the parking kind). Prior to transforming into the Taystee diva she is today, Brooks told People she let superficial beauty standards get in the way of her confidence. But that is not the case anymore.

Today, Brooks is curvy, confident and embracing every part of her body—even when it is covered in an unflattering, orange prison jumpsuit. And she wants others to follow her lead in fending off body-shamers by listening to the only opinion that matters—your own.

She says, "...At the end of the day, regardless of how much melanin we have, or how many pimples we have, or how curly or straight our hair is, it's really about what we have inside of us that makes us who we are."

Preach. We all must find a way to leave a (stretch) mark in this world.

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