PSA: Croissant Corsages Are Trending (What a Time to Be Alive...)

If there's one thing this doughnut bouquet-carrying bride taught us, it's that people love to mix their formalwear with their snacks. (Yes, you read that sentence right.) And the latest and greatest culinary craze to hit the scene? The croissant corsage—aka a flower-bedecked croissant that you literally wear on your wrist. 

Some background, here. In past prom seasons, teens would text each other "croissant" in lieu of "corsage." (Darn autocorrect!) Soon enough, photos of these attempted croissant corsages were taking over social media—and thus, a viral meme was born. 

Fast forward to today and Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen, the restaurant chain famed for its honey butter croissants, has teamed up with a local Dallas florist to bring this accidental trend to life for all your important events. This season, they're offering custom order croissant corsages for $20. You can even pick your own rose color—and they come with a $10 gift card toward future breakfast pastries. 

While sadly this offer is only available in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas areas, Cheddar's has kindly created a DIY tutorial on their Instagram story for carb-loving brides (and prom dates) alike. Attainable luxury, amirite?