‘Coving Season’ Is the New Cuffing Season (and Here's What You Need to Know)

I have this friend. Let's call her Eliza, because that's her name. About two months into full-on coronavirus quarantine in NYC, Eliza went on a Zoom drinks date with a guy she met on Hinge. They hit it off, started FaceTiming more regularly and now, four months and many negative Covid tests later, they're basically inseparable. Is their relationship an early product of Coving Season? 

Coined by Cosmopolitan writer Amy Grier, Coving Season is "like Cuffing Season on speed." As a reminder, Cuffing Season usually pertains to fall and winter, when single people decide the cold weather is motivation to find an S.O.

And honestly, it makes sense: Now more than ever, single people are craving the kind of one-on-one interactions they've been deprived of for so long, and those cravings are only exacerbated by the fall weather (and the promise of cozy nights spent snuggled up under a blanket with a glass of Pinot and a Netflix movie).  

Of the timing, Grier writes, "Give it a few more weeks and I think online dating will become a game of musical chairs where, when the music stops, you just need to lock yourself down with whoever you’re sitting on at the time." 

As I see it, whether Eliza and her coronabeau go the distance or their love affair is a touch more fleeting is irrelevant. The main thing is, if a Covid-conscious (be responsible and get tested, people) zero-to-60 relationship is a way to combat the loneliness of the winter and the ongoing pandemic, I say live your life. 

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