Cold Brew Coffee–Flavored Vodka Exists...Because Who Has Time for Two Separate Beverages?

We love our iced coffee, and we tolerate a vodka martini when we're feelin' it on a Friday…but cold-brew-flavored vodka? That's one way to do a boozy brunch, we guess.

Cold-brew-flavored vodka exists now, apparently, and the only thing more "2019" than this would be avocado-toast flavored vodka (please let that not be a thing, please let that not be a thing…).

Launched by Skyy, the 70-proof 35-percent ABV iced-coffee vodka flavor is infused with Arabica coffee beans, "capturing the fantastically mild, sweet and less bitter coffee taste that people crave with cold brew," the company said via press release.

We've assumed, of course, they've priced the stuff according to demand, since a 750-mL bottle will only run you $14 suggested retail. It's available for a limited-time only at select bars and liquor retailers.

So, yes, technically you can have your coffee and vodka all in one (talk about efficient…and that is the goal of coffee, we guess?), though this flavored variety doesn't actually contain any caffeine. And the possibilities are there: Irish coffees, coffee-flavored martinis, brunch cocktails.

We'll probably just stick to our mimosas. But, hey, however you want to ~espress-o~ yourself.

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