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This Cold-Brew Red Wine Is Like the Love Child of Our Two Favorite Drinks
Apothic Wine/Facebook

We love coffee. We also love wine. So we’re super excited about the latest one-of-a-kind vino to hit shelves.

Apothic Wines just launched Brew, a limited-edition red blend infused with coffee. Inspired by everyone’s gripping obsession with cold brew, it has flavor notes of red fruit, oak and coffee (duh) and is best served slightly chilled or at room temperature. It’s basically like your a.m. drink and your p.m. drink had a delicious baby.

By the way, a standard pour has less caffeine than a cup of decaf coffee, so an evening glass (or two) shouldn’t keep you up at night. 

The wine will be available to purchase from wine retailers nationwide on April 1. Until then, we’ll just have to settle for rosé. (Not that we mind.)

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